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The Konin pole – a roman road pole

Kościelna 1 Street
62-500 Konin
It is the oldest road sign, preserved and bearing the inscription, in Europe, outside the boundaries of the former Roman Empire. It was set in the 12th century most likely by Piotr Włostowic, an outstanding magnate and governor of, among others, Bolesław Krzywousty as a signpost of half of the road between Kalisz and Kruszwica. A Latin inscription of 1151 informs about it (poetic piece of work). It’s text translated by prof. Marian Plezi (including comments of Z. Kozłowska-Budkowa):

In the year 1151 since the Birth of our Lord
This guideline on the road and justice says,
that here is the middle of the road to Kalisz from Kruszwica.
Piotr, the palace comes had it put here,
thus wisely dividing the journey in half.
So that he was remembered by every traveler,
sending a prayer to the merciful God.

The pole is made of sandstone, probably from Brzeźno, and until 1828 it was located 1in the area of the castle of Konin (the area of the present Zamkowy Square).

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