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Sunday, 16.12.2018r.
Name-day: Albiny, Zdzisławy, Adelajdy
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Church of St. Bartholomew

Konin, Kościelna 1 Street

The Konin parish church comes from the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. In the architecture of the church, the Gothic style is dominant. From the southern side of the structure we can see two chapels: the Gothic one of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Renaissance one, founded in 1607 by Dr. Jan Zemełka. In the main aisle of the church the early Baroque tombstone of Stanisław Przyjemski (the Crown Marshal and the district governor of Konin) was placed. In the Gothic chapel there is the tombstone of his brother, the district governor Krzysztof Przyjemski. External walls of the church are covered with many traces carved by the inhabitants of Konin, and reaching back to at least several centuries. Once a cross was embedded in the buttress, which was made of Brzeźno sandstone. On the main facade of the church it is worth paying attention to a small turret with arrow slits, which probably was supposed to fulfil defensive functions in the period of the Middle Ages. The original decorative element also stayed on the front doors of the church - brown handle from the 15th century, in the shape of lions heads. Eligiusz Niewiadomski was for several years connected with the history of the church. The artist made in 1904-1910 wall paintings and stained glass windows, which have embellished the church until today. The author is, however, less known for his art, and more for killing the first President of the Republic of Poland – Gabriel Narutowicz. He was finally executed for this disgraceful act.
Kościół pw. św. Bartłomieja

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