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The Building of the Konin Town Hall

Wiosny Ludów 6 Street
62-500 Konin
A representative building of the Town Hall is the third structure of this type in the history of the city. The present classicistic building was erected at the turn of the 18th and 19th century (between 1796 and 1803). The building is built on a trapezium plan, it has a facade with four massive Doric columns loaded with triangular tympanum (inside which houses a bas-relief city crest). The building of the Town Hall is connected with the building of the former butcher’s shops (trade stalls), erected in the first half of the 19th century. What is interesting a clock is placed on the tower of the
Town Hall, which comes from Cisterian Monastery in Ląd. It is worth staying in the vicinity of the Town Hall during midday. Every day at that time from the Town Hall you can hear „a bugle call of the City of Konin” composed by a resident of Konin - Witold Friemann (1889-1977).
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