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Romanesque buildings route


Konin region is a place where relatively many traces of Roman culture are preserved. Without a doubt, the first place among this category should be mentioned Romanesque road sign - Konin post of 1151 year. The transcription on the oldest post in Poland says that it determines halfway between Kalisz and Kruszwica. The importance of Konin post indicates its inclusion in the album "Architecture of Poland to the nineteenth century" in the first position among the monuments in Poland. In addition to this, we should mention the two milestones, made in the form of monolithic sandstone crosses. The first one we can find on the market in the small chapel in the village of Lichen Stary. Another was laid in the northern escarpment of Konin parish church.
Without a doubt, another important Romanesque monument is the church of St. Martin in Kazimierz Biskupi. The temple was built at the turn of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, moreover to the Romanesque apse and transept the Gothic part was built in the sixteenth century. The church also preserved the stone baptismal fonts. 
Writing about Roman culture monuments in Konin county should mention well-preserved church from thirteenth century in place Stare Miasto near Konin. Made of hewn sandstone from Brzeźno. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the tower from west side was pulled down and the neo-Gothic church was built. An interesting fact here is the presence of the early Gothic features of late Romanesque architecture: and so also in the wall of the presbytery there is arched window, made from a stone, what is typical for Romanesque art, not from the Gothic brick.  Also in  rood arch are already Gothic ornamentation presented. The interesting elements are furthermore sculptures of tympanum (heads on portal’s piles), as well as the Romanesque font. In the north wall of neo-Gothic church the Roman tombstone was built (without date and inscription). Similar tombs, which are high-ranking monuments can be found in Królików on the churchyard.
The last Romanesque monument in our region is a church located on the high side of Kielbaska river. The church was built in the first half of twelfth century with sandstone blocks. The semicircular apse adjacents to a rectangular presbytery from the east, in which there are two Romanesque windows.
Mapa zabytków romańskich w regionie konińskim

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