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Wednesday, 17.10.2018r.
Name-day: Małgorzaty, Ryszarda, Gabrieli
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Saint Martin Church in Kazimierz Biskupi

St.Kościelna 12
62-530 Kazimierz Biskupi
mobile. 518 014 759
phone: 63 241 12 00
www: Parafia św. Marcina z Tours w Kazimierzu Biskupim 

Kazimierz Biskupi is communal village located 12 km northwest of Konin. Particularly noteworthy is the Gothic St. Martin’s church (originally Romanesque), built of sandstone blocks in twelfth century. The Church has repeatedly underwent damage (especially fires). It was built on a rectangular plan with a semicircular apse. The interior is covered with flat ceiling with polychrome from 1900, illustrating scenes from the life of the Five Brothers Martyrs. The main altar in the Baroque style hidden " famous for miracles" image of Our Lady of Kazimierz (1721). And in one of the side altars of the temple is a silver sarcophagus holds the relic of Saint Martyrs. In Kazimierz Biskupi can also visit the Gothic, Bernardine monastery complex (today Higher Seminary congregation of priests of the Missionaries of the Holy Family) and a wooden church of St. Isaac.

GPS: 52.31039°N, 18.16537°E