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Saturday, 15.12.2018r.
Name-day: Niny, Celiny, Krystiany
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Archaeological open air museum in Mrówki

Mrówki near Wilczyn
62-550 Wilczyn

Hidden in the forest, surrounded by marshes and an additional moat is the conical gord (XIII / XIV century). Archaeological open air museum in Mrówki is primarily a watchtower (serving as a viewing platform), which together with a dugout surrounded by palisade and moat create a true medieval defensive fortification. The whole building also includes a bridge, gate, fishing shacks and  wooden forge. Since 2008 year, during the days of Wilczyn in the museum the reconstruction group recreate  everyday life in little castle, while in the second half of July museum is a place of meeting for numbered knights of north-west Poland under the slogan "We were at Grunwald".

photos: LOT Marina"

GPS: 52.49967°N, 18.13885°E