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Friday, 14.12.2018r.
Name-day: Alfreda, Izydora, Alfredy
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The Salt Mine in Kłodawa

Alley 1000-lecia 2
62-650 Kłodawa

Klodawa city is known for the salt mining. Since 2004, the mine has initiated to visitors Kłodawa Underground Tourist Route. Driving down in an elevator at a speed of 6 m/s, 600 meters below the surface of the earth provides unforgettable experiences to the guests. Prying the mining machines while walking up exploited chambers (with cubature of sports halls) remain long in the memory of every tourist. In addition, every visitor has the opportunity to hear colorful stories about the history of sources of the salt deposits and its everyday using.

For more information search here: http://www.sol-klodawa.com.pl/en/57/tourism

GPS: 52.23985°N, 18.92280°E