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Sunday, 16.12.2018r.
Name-day: Albiny, Zdzisławy, Adelajdy
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Eclectic palace in Kościelec

The village is situated 5 km southwest of Kolo city and is known for its eclectic palace located on a slope of valley the river Kiełbaska. Just behind the palace is a nature park (19.4 ha) with romantic ruins, a mosque, a minaret and an artificial grotto lined with volcanic tuff brought from Sicily. One of the classicist pavilions of the postal inn is also worth visiting in Kościelec (eighteenth / nineteenth century), which houses a museum illustrating the history of postal services. Also the historic church is situated in Kościelec, built of stone blocks in accordance with Romanesque construction technique of the twelfth century. Nowadays the church constitutes the apse of present brick church of saint Andrew.

GPS: 52.17480°N, 18.57274°E