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Konin region is a land of picturesque reservoirs: lakes, canals and fisheries. In brief - a paradise for anglers.
If you want to relax among the greenery, by the water, cut off from reality and immerse in a passion, we just recommend our region. Lakes here are a great tourist attraction and also for fisheries, and on the shores there are many resorts (you can combine business with pleasure and take the wife on a vacation with children).
Particularly preferred conditions for fishing are on the lakes Mikorzyn-Wąsoskie, Pątnowskie and Licheńskie. These lakes because of their location (near the power station draining the hot water through a network of canals, what raises its temperature by approx. 3-9 o C) are the attractive year-round area for fisheries.
The waters here are rich in various species of freshwater fish. It is impossible to mention them all: bream, roach, crucian carp, carp, pike, perch, eel, catfish, bleak, tench – these are just some of them.                

The warm lakes are not the only advantage of this area. It is also Warta river, in many places half-wild, sheltered with curtain of brush, meanders in wide valleys and in florescent oxbows, river accelerates in gorges, swirls in the estuaries of its tributaries - river of many faces.
In Warta river we meet breams, roaches, rudds, barbels, chubs and certis. In the oxbow lakes you can entrap quite big crucian carps, breams and carps, and even catfish. The pike attacks fast in boosts and the river’s meanders.

Lake Licheńskie (commune Ślesin)

  • surface: 147,6 ha
  • depth: 12,6 m
  • waters of the lake does not freeze throughout the year (only in case of exceptionally cold winters)
  • dominant species: grass carp and silver carp, tench, bream, perch, roach, pike perch, Europe catfish, pike, eel, rudd, crucian carp and silver. 
 Lake Pątnowskie (Konin)
  • surface: 283 ha
  • depth: 2,6 m
  • glacial lake, formed together with the lakes Mikorzyńskie and Ślesińskie 32-mile waterway linking the Goplo Warta
  • dominant species: carp, pike, perch and bream, lionfish
Lake Gosławskie (Konin)
  • surface: 380 ha
  • depth: 3 m.
  •  dominant species: the crucian carp, chub, white breams, bream, tench, perch, roach, perch, pike, catfish, bleak blends and carp, grass carp and silver carp white and mottled.
Lake Ślesińskie
  • surface: 152,3 ha
  • depth: 25,7 m
  • through Ślesińskie Lake runs Ślesin Canal (length 32 km), which connects them to Goplo
  • dominant species of roach, bream, carp, crucian carp, rudd, tench, grass carp, silver carp.
Lake Wąsosko - Mikorzyńskie (commune Ślesin)
  • surface: 251,8 ha
  • depth: od 11,5 m do 36,5 m
  • the gutter-type reservoir, part of the so-called goplan gutter which is characterized by considerable depths
  • dominant species of bream, carp, bleak blends, perch, pike, roach, tench and eels.
Canal Łężyński (Konin)
  • surface: 17-20 m
  • depth: 3,5 m
  • dominant species: bleak blend, but we find here also weir, crucian carp, carp, bream, perch, roach, tench and pike.
Lake Mąkolno (commune Sompolno)
  • surface: 82,4 ha
  • depth: 2,5 m
  • dominant species:  grass carp, pike, pikeperch, tench and crucian carp.
Lake Budzisławskie (commune Kleczew)
  • surface: 140,8 ha
  • depth: od 11 m do 35 m
  • typical reservoir of whitefish, famous for its clarity of water - more than 7 m
  • dominant species: vendace, roach, tench, pike, perch, eel and catfish, and bream. 
Lake Kownackie called also Mrówieckim or Wójcińskim (Commune Wilczyn)
  • surface: 160,4 ha
  • depth: 5,7 m, do 22,7 m
  • glacial lake, gutter lake
  • dominant species: carp, perch, roach.
Lake Wilczyńskie (commune Wilczyn)
  • surface: 173,8 ha
  • depth: od 7,8 m do 24,9 m
  • gutter lake
  • dominant species: carp, perch, roach.
LakeSkulskie (commune Skulsk)
  • surface: 124,3 ha
  • depth: 6,7 m, maksymalna 17,6 m
  • on the lake are two islands
  • dominant species: bream, perch, carp, eels.
Retention tank on the river Powa (commune Stare Miasto)
  • surface: 90,7 ha
  • depth: depends on the level of the river Powa (flood risks)
  • dominant species: roach, perch, pike, tench, carp, grass carp
  • important notice: a total ban on fishing with floating means!
Special fishing ground  "Angler’s paradise" - Izabelin (commune Kramsk)
  • surface: 1ha
  • dominant species: carp (to 20 kilos), bream and tench, rainbow trout, bighead carp, sturgeon, crucian carp, pike, grass carp.
 Fishing farm „Gosławice”
  • surface: 38 ha
  • depth: 0,7 - 3,5 m
  • dominant species: carp.
 Special fishing ground  „U Roberta”
  • an average depth: 2 m
  • dominant species: bream, crucian, roach, silver crucian, carp

Issuance of cards angling into the district of Konin followed by Starosta, in the case of the city by the President. The fee for the issuance of a fishing or spearfishing card is 10 zł., payable to the account:
- District Office in Konin: Bank Pocztowy SA / Konin, 72 1320 1016 2790 0001 2000 0003 with the note issuance for fishing card;
- Municipal Office in Konin: Getin Noble Bank SA 40 1560 0013 2015 2804 6127 0035.
The term of preparing the application is: 1-2 months.
Applications can be downloaded from the website of the Public Information Bulletins: http://bip.konin.eu/ or  http://bip.powiat.konin.pl.

Fish Farm „Gosławice” Sp. z o.o.   
ul. Rybacka 2 
62-510 Konin
phone: (63) 242-73-17    
fax (63) 246-71-29    
mail: biuro@ryby-goslawice.com.pl          

Permission for fishing
in the farmswaters can be purchased at the Secretariat,in our headquarters and on the Board of Polish Fishing Association o/Konin, address: Street Wyspiańskiego 1 in Konin, phone: (63) 242-28-53, (63) 243-29-79.