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Wednesday, 19.12.2018r.
Name-day: Gabrieli, Dariusza, Urbana
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Great Loop of Wielkopolska


The Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska is one of the most popular tourist water trails in Poland. The Loop measures totally 690 km and includes Warta river section Konin - Santok (338.5 km), stretch of river Notec (48.8 km) leading to estuary of river Drawa. Then passes through 140 km and 16 locks until the Canal Górno–Notecki (25 km), in turn through Noteć river directly to Canal Warta - Gopło (32 km).
Great Loop of Wielkopolska is available for water units of 4m width, length to 20 m, what is important, with a submercion no more than 60 cm. Larger vessels can therefore easily overcome both section on the lower Warta and Noteć as well as Warta - Gopło.’
We recommend!
Slipway boat at the harbor in Ląd or in Pyzdry or marinas or on the lakes between Warta and Goplo for example in Ślesin
Marina w Ślesinie

photo: LOT „Marina”