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Power boating


Anyone who has ever vacationed in the summer on Konin lakes knows how much interest is there in any kind of power boating. Konin region offers to visitors 17 lakes and some of them are part of  Warta-Goplo Canal (32 km). Places that are particularly fond of boaters are primarily Lake Pątnowskie, Wąsoskie, Mikorzyńskie and Ślesińskie, and this is due to the special zones to allow motorboat sports. Other lakes both in Konin and Konin County are covered by the zone of silence. The exception to the rule are great events organized on the water, even such as The Motorboard Polish Championship (2011) on Lake Skulskie (2012) or The Motorboard World Championship. 
Powerboat sports fanciers especially recommend using a wide range of services provided by marinas and resorts located on the Konin lakes:

Recreational and Holiday Resort "Marina Gosławice" lakeside Pątnowskie gives the opportunity to rent a motorboat and yacht charter.  (www.przystangoslawice.pl).

Training and Holiday Centre Hotel "Wityng"
is located on Lake Wąsoskie has its own hangar for equipment, you can also make use of scooters, water skis and boats(www.wityng.pl).     

Holiday center Recreation "Delfin" in Półwiosek Stary
situated on Lake Mikorzyńskie offers various forms of powerboating, starting with water skis and scooters, and ending with wakeboard, wakesurfing, wakeskate, or barefoot   (www.delfinimprezy.pl).

Water Sports Camp "Płazik" located on Lake Ślesińskie allows learning water skiing, use of personal watercraft, riding on "banana" and wakeboarding. The resort organizes camps during which you can get patent for the motorboats helmsman. (www.slesin.plazik.pl).

Widok na przystań wodną nad jeziorem Ślesińskim

zdjęcia: LOT „Marina”