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Konin region is the perfect place for sailing. And all this is due to more than 30 km of Warta-Gopło Canal, which simultaneously represents a section of the south eastern part of the Great Loop of Wielkopolska. Navigable trail begins to flow at the confluence of Warta River with a lock in Morzysław (0.43 km canal), then at the height of the lock in Pątnów (7.95 km) canal connects with Konin lakes: Pątnowskie, Wąsoskie, Mikorzyńskie, Ślesińskie and Czarne.
On the lakes of Konin region in the summer is the endless atmosphere of racing with smaller and larger sailing boats from all over Poland. Sailing north at some point we will see how Lake Czarne narrows and turns its course into canal leading through two locks: Gawrony (24.2 km) and Koszewo (25.8 km). After crossing the last of the four locks Warta-Gopło Canal we are just a few kilometers away from the influence of Lake Gopło.
In addition, in this region is the largest lake in Wielkopolska - Lake Powidzkie (approx. 1200 hectares), which is located at Gniezno Lake District. It is characterized by a long, varied coastline. The lake is a zone of silence, what makes it an ideal place for sailing and windsurfing. Every year, there are organized numerous regattas and sailing events.
Apart from Lake Powidzkie also Lake Ślesińskie and Pątnowskie gain in popularity among sailing enthusiasts. On this lake exactly (thanks to the heated water from a nearby power station) the only winter regatta in Poland, called Barbórkowe Regatta, take place. 

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