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Wednesday, 19.12.2018r.
Name-day: Gabrieli, Dariusza, Urbana
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Old habits and traditions

The pottery is one of the oldest crafts. Nowadays, it is a profession long time forgotten, and rarely undertaken by anyone. The only person in Great Poland, who deals with handmade crafts, which cultivates traditional potter occupation is Mr. Joseph Dzieciątkowski. His main products are: flower pots, vases, pitchers, “makutry” (dishes, like mixing  bowl, where the cakes are pounded), “żurowniczki” (dishes for pickling some soup), vessel for laying decoration with dried flowers and herbs. In addition, artist also organizes demonstrations, whereas everyone, regardless of age can try their hand. The pottery in the family of Mr. Dzieciątkowski is an occupation which always passed on from generation to generation.

In his studio we can see traditional equipment (rollers to clay pottery, wheels pushed by foot, kiln of fireclay brick with chimney), which used by craftsman’ grandfather.  The offer of Mr. Dzieciątkowski is addressed to individual clients and groups encountered in exhibitions, as well as visitors to the farm.

Józef Dzieciątkowski
Czarnybród 10
62-580 Grodziec
phone (63) 248-65-33