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Sunday, 20.01.2019r.
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Landscape parks and nature parks

Nadwarciański Landscape Park  –was created in 1995 in order to protect the environment, the specific features of landscape, or birds breeding places for scientific and educational aspect and the preservation of historical and cultural values. The park covers 13 428 hectares, including communes: Golina, Lądek, Pyzdry, Rzgów and Zagórów. The main element that determines the nature of Park is an ice marginal valley Warsaw-Berlin. Warta Landscape Park has been recognized by the organization "BirdLife International" a refuge for birds of international importnace.  (more info).

Nadgoplański Millennium Park- was created in 1992 (with an area of approximately 10 00 ha) from the transformation of pre-existing landscape reserve. The park protects the natural qualities of nature and specific features of the landscape in areas related to the historical formation of the Polish state. (more info).

Powidzki Landscape Park -
was created in 1998. It covers 24,600 hectares in the municipalities of Kleczew, Orchowo, Ostrowite, Powidz, Słupca, wilczyn and Witkowo. The park was created to protect the natural and cultural values. There are forests, lakes, bogs and meadows. The main element that determines the nature of the park are17 glacial lakes, that are spread out in several locations. The largest of these is Lake Powidzkie and Skorzęcińskie. The park has got a rich flora - 900 species grow here and 50 of them are protected(more info).

Mielno Nature Reserve -
is the oldest reserve in the Forest Bieniszewska was built in 1957. This includes Lake Mielno with the surrounding forest and meadows with area of 94.43 ha. Today, the most interesting phenomenon in the reserve is a progressive process of "aging" of the lake and the succession of plant communities within it associated with the escalation sheet tank. In the reserve there are 24 species of trees and 19 species of shrubs, including birch.

.Bieniszew Nature Reserve - created in 1996, covers 144.40 hectares of decidous forests of dominant oak and hornbeam. Within the reserve there is a chapel and St. Barnaba's well associated with the cult of Five Martyr Brothers

Sokolka Nature Reserve -
another reserve to protect the most valuable parts of Primeval Forest Bieniszewska, that is also constituting the residue of the old Kazimierz Forest. It was created in 1996, occupies 240 hectares of forest area overgrown with hornbeam and flood plain forests of Central Europe. Species like hornbeam, maple and beech dominate here. The educational path has been carried out within range. The reserve is one of the most valuable natural and tourist places of refuge for wild birds and wild game.

Pustelink Nature Reserve - created in 1997 with an area of 125 hectares. Forest covered many interesting and legally protected plant species. Includes various elements of the landscape, wildlife and culture. On its site which is a moasic of forests and hidden lakes, there is Owl's Mountain (Sowa Góra), where in 1633, was founded a cloister of hermit monastery. It's one of two such in Poland. Reserve is a major tourist attraction and is a great object of teaching.

Złota Góra Nature Reserve -
Gold Mountain Nature Reserve - was created in 1996. In order to protect the highest hill in the district of Konin - Gold Mountain (187 m). Its area covers 123.87 hectares. Is covered with mixed forest and oak thicket on the border of its range. This area has its own local microclimate resulting from the stand of pine and juniper.

Nature reserve Kawęczyńskie Brzęki -  located in the village of Lubotyń, approx. 7 km to the northeast from Sompolno. It covers an area of. 49.64 hectares of deciduous forest with Sorbus terminalis  positons, the most easterly to Lowland Wielkopolska - Kujawska. 

Rogóźno Nature Reserve -
reserve is located 4 km to the northeast from Przedecz. The area of the 0.39 has in Rogóźno. The mixed forest is under protection with the participation beech and maple at the limit of their range.