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Tuesday, 18.12.2018r.
Name-day: Gracjana, Bogusława, Laurencji

Saint James the Apostle Church in Golina


St. Wolności 2 A
62-590 Golina

This inconspicuous wooden church stands in Golina from the second half of eighteenth century, being not only the most valuable monument of the town, but also one of the many religious monuments in  Wielkopolska. In the main altar of the church, the painting "The Crucifixion" (from year 1600) occupies a central place. Part of the historic equipment coming from the old church is used now in the new temple (among others little wood pursuit, rebuilt organs, monstrance of the late seventeenth century and the image of Our Lady). The temple was destined to the Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park in Lednica, but the inhabitants of Golina saved it from.

photos: LOT Marina"

GPS: 52.24316°N, 18.09020°E