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Tuesday, 18.12.2018r.
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Eastern Wielkopolska - a region worth discovering

Eastern Wielkopolska is a region where history has left its mark in the form of priceless architectural monuments. Unusual natural qualities and excellent tourist infrastructure - these several words can describe our „small homeland”. Through the region run: railway line from Poznań to Warsaw, A2 motorway as well as important national roads: no. 25, no. 72, no. 92.

The largest cities of Eastern Wielkopolska include Konin (79 500 inhabitants), Turek (28 500), Koło (23 000) and Słupca (14 000).Numerous monuments of history and culture and perfectly developed tourist infrastructure (accommodation base, hiking, bicycle, water, horse-riding routes etc.) make Eastern Wielkopolska a really special region.

The eastern part of Wielkopolska is crossed by the Warta river which, along with many lakes, makes this region an ideal place to practice water tourism. The places most popular among tourists are recreational centres and beaches by the lakes: Powidzkie (1036ha – the largest lake in Wielkopolska), Gosławickie (379ha), Pątnówski (308ha), Mikorzynskie (245ha), Ślesinskie (148ha) and Przykona water body (135ha).

There are three landscape parks in the area of Eastern Greater Poland (Gołop Millenium Landscape Park, Warta Landscape Park and Powidz Landscape Park) and eight nature reserves (six in the Konin district, two in the Koło district).The largest historical and cultural attractions of the region (of superregional importance) include, among others:

The largest historical and cultural attractions of the region:
- Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lichen Stary,
- Roman Column Road in Konin (the oldest in Poland, road sign),
- Monastery OO. Camaldolese in Bieniszew,
- Wooden Churches (Golina, Wilczyn, Kazimierz Biskupi, Wyszyna, etc.)
- Church SHJ in Turek (polychrome J. Mehoffer)
- Cistercian monastery in the Ląd,
- Palace in Ciążeń,
- Underground tourist route - the salt mine in Kłodawa,
- Museum of the former death camp at Chelmno on the Ner.

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