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Monday, 10.12.2018r.
Name-day: Danieli, Julii, Eulalii

Ruins of the castle in Koło

Gothic castle was built in the times of King Casimir the Great and was used as office of starostas in Koło. Today, from the fortress located upon the left bank of Warta are only ruins left. The castle started to decline from the period of the Swedish Deluge, substantial impact on current state were also floods of the river and the gradual demolition (to raise the bricks) by the inhabitants of Kolo city and the surrounding area. In the city you can visit the Gothic parish church of Holy Cross, late Baroque church and Monastery of Bernardine, town hall from the first half of sixteenth century, in the Gothic style, and the Museum of Ceramic Technology. Several kilometers west of the city is defensive line called "Przedmoście Kola" from 1939 (areas of Genowefa, Kuny, Chylin, Władysławów and Tarnowy) built by Polish sappers. However, in the same city there are bunkers built by German soldiers. Both lines of defense are now tourist trail of both Polish and German field fortifications from the World War II.

GPS: 52.19755°N, 18.60871°E